Level Money

Application on iOS & Android  | Fintech, Personal Finance  | 2014

Level Money was a free, award winning personal finance application available for both Android and iPhone that we built to help people keep tabs on their non-essential spending, which we called "Spendable."

A Key Update

One of the primary value propositions of Level Money was having all of your transactions accessible in one place. That meant our transaction feed was almost as popular as our hallmark "Spendable" dashboard.

When I joined, the feed was cramped and utilized color-coded transactions in a way that was inaccessible to our colorblind users. We moved to a treatment with more white space, added custom transaction icons, and updated the tap-through screen of transaction details.

One of the more popular features of the new transaction feed was the "balance cover image." Reminiscent of the photos folks sometimes had in their physical wallets, we allowed users to customize their transaction feed with a photo from their camera roll and tap the image to get a discreet peek at their bank balance.